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Bio: The Hourglass Kids began as a group of high school friends jamming in the various basements of Hickory, NC. Over time, they have evolved into a seven-piece reggae-jam-rock collective known for their mind-melting live performances. Pulling from the musical creativity of all seven members and the unique lyricism of four songwriters and vocalists, The Kids traverse a breadth of stylistic and emotional terrain that includes roots reggae, psychedelic rock, neo-soul, hip-hop, and jazz-rock.

The Hourglass Kids got their start playing gigs in 2019 by busking in the grocery store beer den in their hometown of Hickory NC. Here in the beer den, the band delivered their first original songs to the world, honing their free-flowing jam-intensive style that would help craft their identity in the years to come. A grassroots following developed that saw them take their act to breweries, taprooms, and house parties across the state before graduating to the music venues and festivals they now frequent. 

Since their inception, The Hourglass Kids have played over 100 live shows and are a staple in the NC psychedelic music scene, often playing alongside original acts such as Treehouse!, Mellow Swells, Julia!, Tumbao, and Signal Fire. The band has enjoyed opening for touring acts in the jam/reggae scene such as The Elovaters, Fourtnate Youth, Tropidelic, and The Common Kings. 

2023 saw The Kids take their act to The Backwoods Music Festival in Ozark National Park Arkansas, the longest journey the band has made to date. The Fall Shakori Hills Festival will feature two sets from the band in their return to NC's premier roots music festival.

With an EP set to release in the Fall of 2023, and a full-length album in the works, The Hourglass Kids feel as motivated, creative, and connected to each other as they have ever been.


Time is strange but music is love so LET THE KIDS PLAY

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